The best person to rebuild in the neighborhood is someone from the neighborhood. 
Don’t spend another dollar. Call us before listing with an agent.

Company Profile

Property Alchemist consciously rejuvenates and holistically transforms classic Washington DC properties with intrinsic value and inherent character into stunning modern homes that retail for top dollar.  It all starts with strong local market knowledge combined with the ability to source the right properties in the most sought after neighborhoods.  We add the vision and creativity to conceive desirable yet feasible transformations.  Our hyper-organized and highly proactive project execution approach combined with superior problem solving skills results in superior quality end products that are completed on time and within budget. By applying progressive business and marketing approaches we are able to maximize the untapped potential that exists in the each of our re-developments.

Market Profile

Washington DC is the nation's highest educated and most economically powerful metropolitan region. In addition to year over year increasing family incomes, the volume of wealthy individuals residing in the area continues to grow substantially. The labor market is historically strong due to the sheer volume and diversity of high paying jobs in both the government and commercial sectors.  This results in a housing market that continues to be one of the strongest in the country and where demand is high while supply is tight.


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We are longtime District residents who have planted roots in upper Northwest. I own a small neighborhood business that is focused on consciously investing in NW DC, the part of the city that we love. At Property Alchemist, we believe the best person to rebuild in the neighborhood is someone from the neighborhood. So you can rest assured that you are leaving your home’s legacy in the right hands.